Caroline Lucas celebrates Prince's Trust achievements

Brighton MET’s Prince's Trust Team welcomed a special guest at their final presentation evening on Thursday.

Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavilion, joined in the celebration of outstanding student achievement at the Gallery Restaurant in Central Campus, Pelham Street.

Caroline said, "Initiatives like the Team Programme are a brilliant way to bring young people together to explore the impact they can have on our communities. In Brighton and Hove we have an amazing community and voluntary services network, so the opportunity to gain experience of this, and to get a sense of how making a difference brings with it a huge amount of personal achievement and learning about the world around us, is brilliant – and hopefully an experience those taking part can draw on in the workplace and when making decisions about their future."

Brighton MET Prince’s Trust Team Leader Kim Marshall said, “The team members and department were thrilled to welcome Caroline Lucas as a special guest - someone who inspires young people with her tireless work to make Brighton a beautiful and inclusive place for everyone.”

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