Coronavirus: FAQs for current students

Updated: Tuesday 21 April 1pm. 

As we receive more information, we will update the following questions and answers.


Working remotely

Accessing support

Financial support



What can I do to stop the spread of Coronavirus?

Working remotely

How will work be set and how do I receive support?

Teachers will set work for you as per your existing timetable and they will be available at the start of each session.

When can I have a tutorial?

Your tutor will let you know their availability for tutorial slots.

When will my teacher be able to answer queries and give feedback on my work?

Your teacher will let you know when they will respond to queries and when you can expect feedback on work.

Will English and maths still be part of my timetable?

Yes, you will still be expected to study these subjects as per your previous timetable. English and maths tutors will be available as per your usual timetable to assist with coursework.

Am I allowed to come into College to collect any work that I have left there?

Unfortunately not. Following the government’s instruction to close all school and college buildings, no students are allowed entry until further notice.

What happens if I don’t have access to a PC at home?

Let your teacher know as soon as possible so they can provide additional support and guidance.

I have library books that need to be returned - will I receive a fine?

No. We will waive any fines during this period of closure. Please return the books as soon as you can once the buildings reopen.

Can I still access library resources?

Yes. We have lots of resources available to you on the Student Portal. You can access this via the link at the bottom of the college website,

Accessing support

Will there be any IT support available if I have any issues working remotely?

Support will continue to be available via The Student Portal also has additional resources to support you.

I usually receive learning support during classes. Can I access any additional help when working remotely?

Where possible, your tutor and/or your LSA will be able to support you online. If you need additional support, please let your teacher know.

Can I still contact a Pastoral Mentor if I need to?

The Pastoral Mentor teams will continue to be available to provide support and advice to students who need it. 

As your usual Pastoral Mentor may not be available, if you need to contact the team, please email A Pastoral Mentor will be in touch by email, text or phone. 

What do I do if I am worried about my safety or the safety of another student?

You can contact the Safeguarding Team at

If you need to speak to a member of the Safeguarding Team urgently, the contact numbers are: 

Safeguarding Team Contacts

Contact Number


Fenella Potterton

Head of Additional Learning Support

07739 615265


Simon Vincent

Safeguarding Manager

07980 973224


Alex Bellamy

Pastoral & Enrichment Manager

07841 066846


What other sources of support are there?

There are also lots of organisations that you can access support from when you need to, and we have listed details of some of these here: List of support organisations. 

Can I still speak to a Careers Adviser?

Careers Advisers will be available for students who want to speak with someone to explore their career or progression options. Careers guidance can be provided by email or telephone.

If you would like to receive some careers support, please email the team at:  A Careers Adviser will then get in touch with you to provide advice or to arrange a telephone support slot.

There are also a range of external organisations and websites for students to access advice and guidance around careers, progression, HE and volunteering. We have collated these here: Careers websites

I’m really worried about coronavirus/covid-19.

Young Minds UK have put together an article with some helpful advice and useful resources. Access this here.

Financial Support

Will I still receive my student bursary payment?

All students in receipt of bursary awards for travel and college meals will continue to receive their entitlement.

If you are entitled to college meals, you will receive a payment into your bank account equivalent to a weekly award of £12.05 (5 days x £2.41). The first payment of two weeks’ entitlement (£24.10) will be paid into your account on 30 March. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to payment frequency or date. 

If you have any questions you can contact the bursary team on:

Worthing/Shoreham students: 

Brighton students:

Finance information for university-level students



How will my course by assessed this year?

We have contacted students via their college email addresses today (Tuesday 21 April) with an update of what we do know and what we are still waiting for from the awarding organisations. As soon as we receive confirmation from the awarding organisations with details of how specific qualifications will be assessed, we will be in touch to outline what it means for you.



How do I let the College know if I am unwell?

If you are unable to study at home due to illness, please continue to report your absence in the usual ways. Wherever possible, please also inform your teacher.

Stopping the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The UK government has issued clear guidance on how we can all work together to stop the spread of Coronavirus and save lives during the outbreak. The most important aspect of this guidance for people with no symptoms is 'social distancing'. This means:

1. Don't go out unless absolutely necessary

2. Keep 2 metres apart from people you don't live with

For more information about how to keep yourself and others safe at this time please visit the government website.

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