ESOL Diversity Celebration

ESOL Diversity Celebration 2022

Yesterday we celebrated the fantastic achievements of our inspirational ESOL* students! Tutors and students took part in a variety of games and activities, enjoying a delicious buffet of home-cooked food from around the world. In a tearful prize-giving ceremony, our outstanding students were awarded certificates for their dedication and commitment to learning. We spoke to a number of ESOL students and tutors, to find out what makes ESOL so special…

Sara - Level 2

When I came to the UK, I thought I would be rejected because I didn’t speak any English. Instead, I have found my family on the ESOL course, it feels like home. I have just started a new job, this would never have been possible without my supportive tutors and peers. 

Zerda - 16+ Study Programme 

Studying ESOL has been amazing! This year we have gone on trips to London and Thorpe Park and it’s been magnificent. I worked really hard on the course and I am looking forward to starting Level 1 Childcare at the College this September.

Charles Baines - Tutor

Teaching ESOL students is incredibly rewarding because I get to meet so many people from around the world and learn about their countries and cultures. My students are so giving, kind, and friendly - it is truly a privilege to teach them.

Jo Ersser - Tutor

It’s very easy for these students to feel isolated when they first come to the UK. Our ESOL courses, alongside the support they receive from tutors and their classmates, provide a wonderful sense of community, not just at the College, but throughout Brighton. 

We caught up with Kada Faïda our BAME Student Coordinator to find out his thoughts after attending the event:

“Celebrating ESOL students is celebrating diversity. Having these moments when students can share their achievements with their tutors and other staff is not only wonderful but essential. Whether it be through food, music, or celebrating their peers - these are the moments that make us appreciate their identities, cultures, and experiences. Events like this increase students' sense of belonging to the GB MET community. All these positive elements are paramount for their learning and sense of wellbeing.”

A huge congratulations to the whole ESOL team for another incredible year of teaching and learning. Thanks to all those involved in organising this fantastic event, celebrating the richness and diversity of our ESOL provision.

To find out more about studying ESOL at GB MET click here.

*English for Speakers of Other Languages 

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