Fashion Design & Business students launch their first ever fashion library

On Monday 14 November, Brighton MET Extended Diploma Fashion Design & Business students designed and launched their first ever fashion library under the brand collective “Li[MET]eD”.

The campaign, which has been inspired by the increasing need for continuous development of sustainability within fashion, has had students sourcing second-hand garments to repair, restore and alter to create a one-of-a-kind fashion exhibition at Jubilee Library.

The project aims to explore the emotional connections and investments in our clothes and aims to encourage people to prolong the lifespan of their clothing by connecting with them through storytelling.  

Georgina Hooper, Deputy Head of Learning, said “I think the show was a huge milestone for the students in terms of their ever evolving innovation to tackle the climate crisis, understanding carbon literacy and raising awareness of sustainability. 

With the increasing demand for green skills; the students really demonstrated a sophisticated, professional approach to these and how they are being used within the fashion industry today; for example, repair, restoration, altering garments and identifying multi use for a garment. 

We are so so proud of the students and their hard work. 
The show is fabulous and a real celebration of their creativity and ingenuity.”

The exhibition, titled ‘Every Thread has a Tale’, launched on 14 November and will run until 25 November. 

For more information, or to explore the students’ work, view the Li[MET]eD website here.

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