'Props' for Brighton MET art student

Pictured: Neve Pearce

Brighton MET alumni Neve Pearce has been accepted onto the competitive BA Production Arts and Design course at the highly prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RSC), at only 18. Neve, who successfully completed the two year UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design course at Brighton MET this year, will be one of only four or five students to follow the Prop Making pathway.

The RSC is well-regarded for its professional vocational training in performance arts. As part of their course, students gain invaluable experience working with professionals in the industry. Neve will be spending the next three years honing her skills in prop making alongside aspiring costume designers and makers, stage carpenters and scenic artists, within some of the best facilities in Europe.

Neve said:

"During my time on the course [at the MET], I have met tutors, students and artists who have taught me a great deal about working and getting contacts in the industry. I have taken part in workshops and helped Raven Kaliana — one of the artists in residence — with some of her puppetry projects, as she has helped me with my own. I have learnt about puppetry and now see it in a whole new light. I’ve come to realise that puppets can be used as important tools of communication. This ended up being the main focus of my final major project. 

"The transition from school to college was a learning curve for me. Classes were taught differently, as there was very little time spent at a desk. Instead, we had tutors and lecturers that would come in and give talks on the history of art and creative practices that would engage us in class discussion and let us voice our opinions. There was also an emphasis on experimentation as some tasks were set to encourage students to use different mediums or tools that they wouldn’t otherwise be familiar with. 

"This course [at the RSC] finds industry practice to be the most important aspect of learning which I find very appealing as it means that I can learn on the job and experience the demands and responsibilities that arise when working as a prop-maker. Once I have completed my Undergraduate course, I am planning to become a freelance Prop and Puppet Maker."

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