Northbrook College Student's Classic Songs Bring Joy to Guildcare Day Centre for those with Dementia.

On the 17 of April, Level 4 Student Emily Sapsed performed a couple of classic songs at the Guildcare Haviland House day centre, for those living with dementia. The aim of the first trip was to introduce themselves to the members and staff, and to spend the afternoon getting to know the people there. Emily had prepared specific songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, which were popular during their generation.

The members at the day centre have varying degrees of dementia, and sometimes music can trigger familiar memories and bring them back to a time where that was the norm. Emily's performance was an amazing experience, and all of the staff were welcoming and the members were so kind and encouraging.

The reaction of the members to Emily's performance was a joy to watch, and almost everyone sang along to the chorus of Que Sera Sera by Doris Day. Emily has been trying to find more songs that she hopes they'll recognise and enjoy, and Guildcare has asked her to come back as soon as possible.

It was a community outreach event arranged by the Widening Participation team to showcase the skills of their incredible student ambassadors. The feedback from the day centre members was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as "She was excellent and has a great future ahead of her, when is she coming back", "Very talented for someone so young, it takes a lot of guts to perform in front of us", and "Can't wait to see her again, we need more songs!". Emily's performance was a heartwarming experience, and her dedication to bringing joy to those in need is truly inspiring.

Speaking to Emily, she expressed: “It was an amazing experience! The kind that makes me tear up if I think too much about it. To the Guild Care members, you've brought the widest smile to my face that I've had in years, simply by being yourselves. I hope my little performance can make you as happy as you made me. To the carers and staff, your kindness and compassion showcases humanity's toughest and greatest gift. You keep the world turning.”

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