Sustainability Matters at Brighton MET

Brighton MET recently hosted a 'Sustainability Matters" employment day and networking event, which was designed to offer opportunities to engage with sustainability-focused employers.

Industry professionals from across the area came to Brighton MET today to share their knowledge and expertise with our students. The businesses that attended were; the British Heart Foundation, The Woodstore, Revaluit, Brighton and Hove City Council, Create, NHS, Trusted Housesitters, Fugu, and Brighton Energy Coop.

Students were invited to engage with a range of stalls where they could find out about employment and activities which support environmentalism. Later in the day students took part in conversations with like-minded employers.

We chatted with representatives from the British Heart Foundation who attended the event to promote their volunteering positions! They told us all about different voluntary roles students can get involved with, including working in local charity shops.

One of the most popular stalls, Revaluit Hub, was promoting refurbished tech and encouraged students to get hands-on in dismantling old computers, laptops, and tablets. 

Linda Laurens (Head of Learning - Business & Travel, Hospitality & Catering, Access to HE, ESOL), had this to say about the day:

“What a fantastic opportunity for our young people to connect with so many local employers who truly value sustainable and green practices! From talks and interactive demos to Q&A sessions & friendly chats with employers, our students gained some great advice about career opportunities as well as practical advice on how to be “greener”. A massive thank you to all the local organisations who came to support our event today – we are looking forward to the next one!”

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic yourself, check out our free online environmental awareness course. Or if you want a deeper understanding of environmentalism, we offer Access to Higher Education in Environmental Science which is a direct route to University.

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