Fashion students focus on vegan alternatives with workshop from PETA

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College is one of three UK degree providers to work with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to create designs using vegan fur and leather.

Second and third year BA Fashion students were given a talk by PETA on the ways animals are used in the production of clothing. The students were also able to meet digitally with Mabel Synthetics in Italy, who introduced them to their products and carbon neutral approach to production, and provided vegan leather samples for them to work with.

Gayle Atkins, course leader for BA Fashion said: “There was a real excitement around the selection of samples, and it was fantastic to receive the rolls of apple leather and start working with them on a large scale. Everything received was sponsored by the company, meaning that students were able to access these products at no extra cost.

“The work with PETA sent a really positive message to students regarding alternatives to real leather for fashion. As the industry responds to a more ethically driven consumer, kinder fabrications are being developed using scientific and creative minds combined.

"We are proud of the ethical practices that underpin the BA Fashion course, and all decisions made by our students in their designs. Circular textiles, upcycling and recycling are common practice throughout the course, and in addition, students work with companies offering fully traceable, organic or recycled fabrics.

“Having first visited GB MET in February 2021, we are pleased that PETA are returning to deliver an updated presentation to current students as their work develops further.”  

Find out more about the project, and other institutions involved in this video.

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