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Year 10 Taster Sessions July 2019

Taster Sessions

Our popular Year 10 Taster Sessions allow you to sample a range of fun and informative activities, across a huge choice of subjects. 

  • Tuesday 2 July - Brighton MET, East Campus, Brighton
  • Wednesday 3 July – Brighton MET, Central Brighton Campus, Brighton
  • Wednesday 10 July – Northbrook MET, Broadwater Campus, Worthing
  • Thursday 11 July – Northbrook MET, West Durrington Campus, Worthing
  • Thursday 11 July – Northbrook MET, Shoreham Airport Campus, Shoreham

Each session runs for two hours and students can choose to attend different sessions morning and afternoon. Please complete a separate booking form for each campus that you wish to attend. 

Bookings for July 2019 are now open - see below for details of all the sessions being offered across our five campuses. 

Tuesday 2 July 2019 - Brighton MET East Campus, Brighton

Carpentry & Joinery - Practical carpentry tasks in the workshop - please wear suitable clothing. 

Childcare - Make props for popular children's stories and explore toys that can help children's development.

Electrical - Experience some practical electrical installation activities in the workshop - please wear suitable clothing.

Health & Social Care - Practical tasks to explore working with individuals with additional needs: Creating communication boards; exploring equality, diversity and rights in HSC; learning some Level 1 British Sign Language.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance - Get busy in our auto workshop and enjoy some fun motor vehicle related quizzes - please wear suitable clothing.

Painting & Decorating - In our workshop find out about decorating techniques - please wear suitable clothing.

Plumbing - Practical activity in the plumbing workshop - please wear suitable clothing.

Public Services - Take part in team-building activities that require a range of problem solving, communication and leadership skills.

Sport - Coaching, fitness and sports therapy taster activities. Students should wear sports kit. 

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Tuesday 2 July 2019 - Brighton MET East Campus, Brighton

Wednesday 3 July 2019 - Brighton MET, Central Campus, Brighton

Art & Design - Work on 'Giant Mark Making' and 'Big Draw' projects in our fully-equipped art studios. 

Beauty Therapy -  Learn and practise hand and arm massage; nail painting demonstration and practical; industry code of conduct quiz.

Business & Estate Agency - Have fun with our marketing and branding activity.

Computing - Caesar Ciphar and Code Breaking activities plus an interactive session using the latest print technology.  

Digital Arts - Enjoy an exciting, hands on digital workshop exploring digital software to model 3D creatures.

Film - Edit a scene from a professionally produced suspense movie and learn about opportunities at the MET.

Gateways (for students requiring additional support) - Try out some fun activities in our calm, friendly department. On the day you can choose from three different subjects that form part of our course offer. *Please note the Gateway session is on Tuesday 2 July.

Hairdressing - Hands on hair styling techniques activities, in our realistic salon working environment. Dress code: smart casual.

Hospitality & Catering - Enjoy preparing food in a professional kitchen and take part in food related games & quizzes.

Make-up Artistry - Learn about the course; face & body art demonstration and interactive workshop creating designs on each others arms.

Photography -  Work in our professionally equipped darkroom creating photograms and take part in a studio still life session. 

Travel & Tourism - Cabin Crew and holiday research activities. 

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Wednesday 3 July 2019 - Brighton MET, Central Campus, Brighton

Wednesday 10 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, Broadwater Campus, Worthing

Beauty Therapy – Learn about the course, set-up a workstation, nail file & paint demonstration and practical, and a fun quiz. 

Bricklaying - Learn how to build a small garden wall or BBQ. Please wear appropriate clothing - stout shoes or boots - no trainers.

Business - Leap into the business world with our marketing and enterprise activity.

Carpentry & Joinery - Tour our fully equipped workshops and enjoy a practical carpentry project making an item to take home. Please wear appropriate clothing - stout shoes or boots - no trainers.

Childcare - Early Years craft activities along with course information, careers advice, course overview and success stories including careers on cruise ships and celebrity nannies. 

Electrical Installation - Take part in hands-on electrical installation activities. Please wear appropriate clothing - stout shoes or boots - no trainers.

Electronic Engineering -  Experience the exciting world of electronic engineering learning how to solder in our professional workshop.

Hairdressing - Enjoy trying out practical hairstyling techniques on our head blocks. Dresscode: smart casual.

ICT - Learn how to present data and create a website for yourself using the latest technology. 

Make-Up Artistry - Experience an exciting face and body art demonstration and put your new skills into practise creating animal designs on hands. 

Mechanical Engineering - Craft yourself a personalised keyring from metal in our state of the art workshop. Please wear stout shoes - no trainers. 

Travel and Tourism - Map Challenge - do you know your capitals? Join in our quiz and take a tour of the world!

Uniformed Services - Combined Cadet Force experience. Can you meet the challenge? Students should wear sportswear: long bottoms, t-shirt and training shoes. 

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Wednesday 10 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, Broadwater Campus, Worthing

Thursday 11 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, West Durrington Campus

Art & Design - Level 3 Printmaking Experience - In our professional print-room learn mono-printing techniques and the use of stencils, exploring a range of papers and methods.

Art & Design - Collage Experience - Produce individual collaged pieces you have developed by exploring the use of a range of papers, textures, images and methods.

Art & Design - 3D Ceramics Experience - 'Throw' a pot on a potter's wheel and create your masterpiece!

Art & Design - 3D Metalcasting Experience - Make a mould and cast your own sculpture in pewter.

Digital Arts - Photography Experience - Create amazing photographic images using a pinhole camera.

Digital Arts - Digital Photographic and Image Editing Experience - Learn to edit images you have taken around our college with industry standard software on Apple Mac computers in our fully equipped Digital Arts studio.

Fashion & Textiles - Using heat transfer printing methods create your own fabric print samples in our professional textiles print studio. Aprons will be provided but please be aware that inks can be messy, so don't wear your best clothes!

Catering & Hospitality - Work in our professional kitchens and make delicious chocolate eclairs. 

Games Development - An exciting opportunity to use UE4 to create your own world, focusing on the landscaping tool and 3D assets to build levels for games. 

Music Performance - Open Mic Jam Session - In our state-of-the-art studios work in a small group, learn a song and perform it to your fellow musicians. Feel free to bring your instrument (guitar/bass/drumsticks etc). We will have backline (drum kit, amps, keyboards and mics) for you to use.

Music Technology - Studio Recording Session - Join a practical session and learn to record a band using our top quality professional studios. All equipment is provided: learn about microphones, mixing desks and recording onto the computer.

Music Technology - Computer Based Production - Learn how to make beats and use loops to create tracks in Logic Pro X. You’ll work in our Mac Labs on individual workstations to create electronic music of whatever style you’re into. We provide all equipment necessary.

Music - DJ Techniques - Learn how to DJ in our ‘mini club’ DJ room kitted out with industry standard pro gear: Pioneer CDJ 2000 decks and Serato. We provide all the equipment, but bring in some mp3 music on USB sticks.

Theatre Performance - Show us your talent! Take part in a dance, drama or improvisation/singing workshop in our amazing studios - on the day you will pick two of the three - the choice is yours.  

Theatre Production - Design - Learn how the magic happens. Get stuck into a practical project based around designing theatre props, scenery or costumes.  

Theatre Production - Technology - Immerse yourself in the magic of theatre with experience of lighting, sound, green screen, AV or foley.

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Thursday 11 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, West Durrington Campus

Thursday 11 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, Shoreham Airport Campus

Aircraft Maintenance - Come and tour our aircraft hangar and learn about aircraft maintenance at the MET. 

Motor Vehicle Maintenance - Learn some practical basics of Motor Vehicle Maintenance. Please wear appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes (no trainers).

Motorsport Engineering - Investigate aerodynamics: build a plane and test your creation in our wind tunnel.

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Thursday 11 July 2019 - Northbrook MET, Shoreham Airport Campus