Formerly City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College

Information for new higher education students

Fees and financial support

Information about:

  • Our fees
  • Student fee loans
  • Student maintenance loans
  • Bursaries
  • How to pay if you don't have a student loan
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Getting to campus by road or rail

Please visit our contact page where you will find details for each campus about how to get there by bike, car, train or bus.

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  • Admissions policy
  • Fees policy
  • Privacy policies
  • Safety policies
  • Accessibility policy
  • Equality & diversity policy
  • Complaints policy
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West Durrington Campus Student Union

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Student charter and behaviour code


  • The student charter
  • Acceptable use of IT
  • Student and college responsibilities
  • Behaviour code
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Assessments, exams and academic appeals

Information for courses validated by the University of Brighton, including:

  • Late and non submission of work
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Plagiarism
  • Academic appeals
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Learning Agreement

New students are asked to sign the following agreement at time of enrolment: 

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