Formerly City College Brighton and Hove and Northbrook College

Information for new higher education students

Course-specific start dates 2019

BA top-up Theatre Arts courses:
Tuesday 10 September 10.30am

Part-time BA Fine Art:
Wednesday 18 September 10.30am

BA top-up Communication Design:
Tuesday 17 September 10.00am



Monday 16 September 10.00am (unless you hear otherwise from your course tutor)

Freshers' activities 2019

For students at Northbrook West Durrington and Shoreham Campuses:

  • Freshers' Fair: Thursday 26 September 11am-3pm at Northbrook West Durrington Campus
  • Welcome Party: Friday 27 September 3-8pm in the Theatre Bar at Northbrook West Durrington Campus
  • Pub Quiz: Wednesday 2nd October 4pm-6pm in the Theatre Bar at Northbrook West Durrington Campus 
  • Open Mic Night - Wednesday 9th October 4pm-6pm in the Theatre Bar at Northbrook West Durrington Campus 
  • In addition to the Worthing events above, you will also automatically be members of the University of Brighton Students' Union and can join the main university Freshers activities in Brighton - see for tickets.

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For Computing students at Central Brighton Campus:

  • Freshers' Fair at our Central Brighton Campus: Wednesday 25 September 11am-3pm

Campus maps

Northbrook MET West Durrington Campus

Campus maps


Central Brighton Campus

Campus map


Shoreham Airport Campus

Campus map


Northbrook MET Broadwater Campus

Campus map

How to get to your campus

  • Northbrook West Durrington Campus is approximately seven minutes' walk from Goring-by-Sea train station and the number 9 bus stops outside the campus. It is also five minutes' walk from a number 10 bus stop, eight minutes' walk from a Pulse bus stop and ten minutes' walk from a 700 bus stop
  • Central Brighton Campus is approximately five minutes' walk from Brighton mainline station and two minutes' walk from London Road bus stop 'B' serving buses 24, 26, 37, 46, 48, 49, 50, 78 and 79
  • Shoreham Airport Campus is approximately 20 minutes' walk from Shoreham-by-Sea train station and seven minutes' walk from the 700 Stagecoach bus stop at Adur Recreation Ground (walk through the recreation ground to the airport).
  • Broadwater Campus is approximately ten minutes' walk from Worthing station and two minutes' walk from the 'Broadwater Church' bus stop which serves buses 1, 5, 7, 11, 23 and 69

Fees and financial support

Information about:

  • Our fees
  • Student fee loans
  • Student maintenance loans
  • Bursaries
  • How to pay if you don't have a student loan
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  • Admissions policy
  • Fees policy
  • Privacy policies
  • Safety policies
  • Accessibility policy
  • Equality & diversity policy
  • Complaints policy
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West Durrington Campus Student Union

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Student charter and behaviour code


  • The student charter
  • Acceptable use of IT
  • Student and college responsibilities
  • Behaviour code
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Assessments, exams and academic appeals

Information for courses validated by the University of Brighton, including:

  • Late and non submission of work
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Plagiarism
  • Academic appeals
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Learning Agreement

New students are asked to sign the following agreement at time of enrolment: 

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