How will autumn term be affected by coronavirus?

We are planning a blend of on-campus and online teaching and learning

The gradual lifting of the lockdown means that we can now, with some degree of confidence, plan the opening of our campuses in the autumn term.

  • We plan to open our campuses and facilities from the start of term in September - with some restrictions
  • We plan to provide some face-to-face teaching on campus - with social distancing 
  • There will also be some online learning (e.g. video tutorials, interactive workshops and online lectures)

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  • Will my course start in September and how will it be delivered under the current circumstances?

    Higher education courses (degrees)

    We have to put the health and safety of both our students and our staff at the heart of the decisions we make and to ensure that we manage our return in such a way as to reduce risks and safeguard health and wellbeing. Although our return to campus is a few months away, we know the situation can change quickly, and we will need to be flexible in our approach.
    However, our current plans are based on:
    • Delivering our academic programmes through a carefully planned blend of socially distanced campus-based teaching and enhanced digital learning.
    • All students having opportunities for face-to-face on-campus interaction with their academic tutors and peers – albeit in smaller groups which reflect social distancing and related guidelines.
    • Teaching and learning in workshops, studio spaces and specialist facilities taking place in compliance with the appropriate additional safety guidance.
    • Organising the teaching schedule to limit the numbers of students and staff needing to be on campus at any one time.
    • Controlling the way that facilities and services (including libraries, student services and catering outlets) are physically accessed.
    • Introducing appropriate social distancing and cleaning protocols, controlling movements around campus, and other measures as appropriate
    • This approach is designed to allow us to be responsive to any changes in public health guidance and to ensure we are able to deliver an engaging educational and student experience during a period when our ambitions for an increased amount of face-to-face delivery will hopefully become possible.

    With all this in mind, we are still in the process of reviewing and amending course timetables. More detailed information related to programme scheduling will be provided in the coming weeks.

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  • When will my course start?

    Start dates for all university-level courses can be found here.

    Start dates for September 2020


    If you have any queries please contact us via email or call 01903 273272 to speak to a member of the Admissions team.

    From Tuesday 11 August, our Admissions team can be contacted Monday to Friday, during working hours.

  • What is the College doing to ensure my safety while on site?

    We take our staff and students’ wellbeing extremely seriously and will be putting in place all necessary measures to minimise any risk. We are preparing for a number of possible scenarios and different safety measures depending on what the Government and Public Health England’s guidance is in September. All students will be contacted before the start of their course to confirm what arrangements are in place and any procedures that must be followed.

  • What will happen to my course if the Government impose greater restrictions whilst I am studying?

    It is recognised that the Government’s restrictions (that have recently been relaxed) might be tightened again in the future. We will continue to comply with government and Public Health England guidance. In the event of greater restrictions, it is likely that the percentage of your course that is online will increase and face-to-face provision will decrease in response to the guidelines.

  • What will happen to my course if government restrictions ease?

    We are monitoring the situation closely and are following the official advice from Public Health England, as well as guidance from the Department for Education. If restrictions ease, then this may allow more face-to-face teaching and the percentage of online learning will be reduced.

  • How will restrictions affect my assessment?

    Where possible, the College plans to deliver assessments as anticipated. In the event that restrictions due to Covid-19 impact on your assessment, an adaptation or alternative will be available.  For example, if your course includes an assessed work placement, an alternative assessment will be available.