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We offer a range of workshops for businesses including 60-minute bite-sized training sessions, technical skills, and first aid courses

Improve your business skills


"I just wanted to formally thank you for delivering the Minute Taking course on Thursday last week.

Everyone came away from the session with ideas how to build on existing knowledge as well as to upskill. In summary, an enjoyable and positive day."

Improve your business skills

Improve your technical skills

Improve your technical skills

Improve your first aid skills

Improve your first aid skills

Bite-size training workshops

We offer a series of bite-sized training workshops throughout the year. Our bite-sized training offers individuals the opportunity to attend focused and meaningful development sessions without the need to spend too much time away from the workplace.

Run at our dedicated training centre on the Broadwater Campus in Worthing, these workshops are just an hour, discussing key points and top tips on a variety of key business skills.

Each workshop is 60 minutes and costs £20 (including handouts and refreshments). Payment is made via invoice following booking.

Date Title Description
27/03/2019 Time management in 60 minutes Effective time management is an essential skill for personal and business success. You will learn how to take control of your workload by managing yourself and others more effectively, allowing you to achieve your goals and improve your performance.
24/04/2019 Tips for recruiting the right people Spend 60 minutes on one of the most important jobs you will ever have in your organisation. Hiring and keeping the right people is essential to your business' success.
12/06/2019 Goal setting Setting clear, specific and meaningful goals is key to achieving your business and personal objectives. This session will give you the tools to do this every time.
26/06/2019 How to be assertive Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression. In this workshop you will gain the skills to enable you to be self-confident and stand up to aggressive behaviour.
24/07/2019 NLP explained This session will introduce you to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a powerful communication tool which can revolutionise how we interpret the world around us and how we communicate with our colleagues and customers.
21/08/2019 Managing a mixed-aged workforce With many employees working longer than ever before, businesses face the challenge of how to manage and train a mixed-aged workforce. This workshop will discuss strategies for addressing this challenge and highlight the benefits of retaining, retraining and recruiting older employees.

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Leadership & Management Academy

GB Skills, the commercial subsidiary of Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, is at the forefront of the design and delivery of commercial workshops for local and national businesses. We are delighted to introduce our Leadership & Management Academy which will offer organisations the opportunity to develop their existing and aspiring managers via a challenging and exciting programme.

Programme schedule

  • Day 1 — Gear Up For SuccessTM
  • Day 2 — Leadership Skills
  • Day 3 — Presentation Skills
  • Day 4 — Interviews and Appraisals
  • Day 5 — Increase Team Delivery, Time Management, Evaluating Training

The Centre for Leadership

The programme is delivered at our dedicated training centre in Worthing.

The Trainer — Paul Trew

With over 30 years' experience in corporate training design and delivery running his own training consultancy, Paul is the Commercial Training Manager for GB Skills.

For more information and to enrol, please call 01903 273 732 or email

Leadership & Management Academy

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